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Guruvayoor Ashtamirohini

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In memory Guruvayoor Kesavan


Lakshadepam at Guruvayoor

LAKSHADEPAM AT GURUVAYUR The lakhsadepam at guruvayur Temple has 1 Lakh lambs ........

Chowalloor Siva Temple

CHOWALLOOR SIVA TEMPLE The devotees have the good fortune to worship Siva family - a rare phenomenon (Lord Siva,...

Chamundeswari Temple

CHAMUNDESWARI TEMPLE Chamundeshwari Temple Guruvayoor – Dedicated to Sri Chamundeswari; an incarnation of Lord Durga, this centuries old temple...

Guruvayoor Maraprabhu

GURUVAYUR MARAPRABHU Guruvayur Maraprabhu is a 54 feet (16 m) terracotta statue located at the Sreevalsam Guest House Complex in Guruvayoor, Kerala, India. It...

Thiruvenkitachalapathy Temple

THIRUVEKITACHALAPATHY TEMPLE The Thiruvenkitachalapathy Temple situated at Thiruvenkidom desom which is a kilometer to the north east of the famous...

Parthasarathy Temple

Parthasarathy Temple The Parthasarathy Temple has an idol of Lord Krishna in the form the charioteer of Arjuna, which...

Sree Perunthatta Siva Temple

SREE PERUNTHATTA SIVA TEMPLE Sree Perunthatta Siva Temple is an ancient Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated in Kerala State of india