Malappuram Sri. Sreenivasan is 25 years old in the field of performing arts. He is the son of Kadannamanna Narayanan Kutty and Alanalloor Keezhepattu Shanthakumari. From the age of four, he learned Kalampat from his teachers, his father Narayana Kurup and father Narayanankutty. Srinivasan’s art family has over 300 years of artistic heritage.


Kalampattu is an art form that is becoming very foreign in today’s world. This ritual, which precedes the temple festivals, is confined to temples, manas and kovils. But Srinivasan is also an important figure in trying to introduce and popularize this art form apart from caste and religion, especially to the new generations.

Since 2015, the Kalampad workshop has been conducted in various colleges and schools in Kerala. According to Srinivasan, the idea is to give the next generation of children an idea about Kalampat. He also said that the idea was to create a world-class performing arts known as the father of painting.

He has also conducted workshops at Calicut University, Tirur Malayalam University, Palakkad Victoria College, Kozhikode Guruvayoorappan College, Thrissur Kerala Varma College, Palakkad Chembai Music College and Malappuram Govt. College. Srinivasan’s exemplary and popular work has earned him the Kerala Folklore Academy’s Young Talent Award 2018. In addition to the Folklore Award, he has received numerous accolades, including the State Hope Award, the Siva Shakti Award, and the Kallat Yuva Pratibha Award.


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