Mobile Hacking
Mobile Hacking

To some extent, they can steal your personal information, including banking information, through malicious applications. Several apps have been removed from the Google Play Store following the discovery that banking information was being stolen.

But the reality is that these removed apps may have already been downloaded by many. Here are some ways to find out if your smartphone has been infected with malware through any of these applications.

Reach ads as pop up

Check if the number of ads popping up on your smartphone has increased. Check which application these ads come from. Finding the source of such ads (if the application is not found) may mean that malware has infiltrated your smartphone.

Icon not found after application is installed

Suppose you downloaded an application. Notice if the app’s icon is not found on the phone. There is a possibility that the malware may have reached the phone. It could be a malware-infected application that hides from the home screen.

Decrease battery capacity

Be careful if the battery life of your smartphone is drastically reduced. Check if the phone’s battery, which is 100 percent charged, reaches 10 percent in two or three hours. This may be part of the malware intrusion.

Phone calls from international numbers

Keep track of incoming phone calls or missed calls from international numbers.

Use of mobile data

Check if the use of mobile data is increasing rapidly. Malware may have infiltrated your phone if you receive notifications that data is low and usage is being checked despite having unlimited daily packages.

Applications could not be updated

Be careful not to open applications installed on your smartphone. Be careful not to close or update the application until it opens.

Take more time to open applications

Be careful if applications take too long to open. Also be careful not to slow down the operation.

If you find unfamiliar applications on your phone

Be careful if you find apps on your phone that you do not have installed. It’s part of a malware attack.

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