Vishukani Vishu Day will be held at Guruvayur Temple from 2.30 am to 3.00 am. On the eve of Vishu, Shantiyetta Namboothiri, who is in charge after the trip, will set the trap for Guruvayoorappan to see Guruvayoorappan on the morning of Vishu. The snare is made of mirror, book, gold, white cloth, kanikkonna, white flower (jasmine, nanthyaarvattam), cucumber, mango, jaggery, dried gourd, coin and coconut weaving. Melshanthi wakes up at 2 in the morning, finds the particle prepared for Melshanthi in the Melshanthi room, takes a bath, opens the shrine at 2.15 and enters and closes the door. On the south side of the faണ്ഡade of the shrine, the Shivelithidam of the Lord is enthroned on a golden throne.

The forehead of the Lord is adorned with a forehead plate, a venchamaram and alavattam. At 2.30 pm, the snare will be shown to Guruvayoorappan by lighting the candle inside the snare room prepared the day before. At the same time, the walk will open for the vision of Vishukani. After seeing the Guruvayurappan, the devotees can see the golden dome on the golden throne of the Lord on the south side of the mandapam and the Vishukani on the east side. Then the vision of Vishukani will continue till 3 p.m. The body will be taken to Sri Lanka at 3 pm.

After showing Guruvayoorappan the vishukani, Melshanthi will dedicate the first vishukani to Guruvayoorappan. Afterwards, Melshanthi Guruvayoorappan will come out of the shrine and offer his hand to the devotees. Devotees visiting Meelshanthi in the Meelshanthi Room will also extend Vishukaineettam to Meelshanthi in the south. The flagpole is also decorated with corrugated iron, kanikonna, etc.

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