News of Drinage construction work in Guruvayur is misleading; Chairperson

Guruvayur ⬤ The Guruvayur Municipal Corporation Chairperson issued a press release on the basis of misleading news related to the activities of the Guruvayur Municipal Corporation’s Amrit Project.

Following the confirmation of Kovid positive for two employees of the corporate office of the Uralungal Society, Uralungal has asked all the employees from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod, where the people associated with the office are working, to remain under temporary surveillance.

In the event of a catastrophic outbreak, immediate action is required.

The Society has informed the Municipality that the entire work on the canal will be completed by August. Employees in contact with the Co-operative Office are housed in the Corinthians. However, work of urgent importance is being done by people who are not in touch with the office. Work on the bus stand and the front of the AUP school is currently underway. Guruvayur Municipal Corporation Chairperson M.S. Rathi Teacher announced in a press release

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