Kathakali is the most vibrant classical art form that originated from Kerala’s shore over 400 years ago. It is one of the greatly admired icons of Kerala. Elaborate makeup, colorful costumes and masks along with the fusion of dance, music and act, distinguish it from other art forms of Kerala.


Kathakali perfomance in a stage
Kathakali blends the aspects of ballet, opera, masque and pantomime to enacts stories and events from Indian epics and Puranas. The action, emotions and concept of the play are conveyed through gestures and precise facial expressions that are universally understandable which is its highlight.
From a calm start to a miscellaneous end along with an emotional and vibrant exchange of mudras and dance moves, Kathakali performance is indeed an exhilarating experience. The play is accompanied by music known as Manipravalam and the traditional instruments like chenda, maddalam and edakka. And the whole performance will leave you to be spellbound.


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