Guruvayoor Temple custom


Entry is restricted to those who profess the Hindu religion.

Do not enter the temple wearing shirt, banyan, pyjama, lungi, chequered clothes, chapels etc.

The dress code for men is Kerala traditional Mundu (Dhoti) with or without Angavastra. The dress codes for women are Salavar sets, Sarees, Dhoties, Leggings or Pavadas with blouse or other coverings as appropriate to their age. Modern dresses are not allowed. Young girls below 12 years may wear gowns. No other types of dress should not be worn or taken inside the temple.

Bathe and wear clean clothes before entering the Temple.

Do not take video camera, mobile phone, radio, tape recorder etc. inside the temple wall. There are facilities (paid counter) to keep them outside the temple.

Enter the temple with an absolute sense of devotion.

Do not smoke or spit inside the Temple.

Do not use or carry pan masala and such other things inside the Temple.

Do not throw away the prasadam and theertham received from the Temple. Handle them with respect.

Do not enter the Temple or Temple premises after consuming liquor and non-vegetarian food.

Take special care of your valuables.

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