Guruvayur Maraprabhu is a 54 feet (16 m) terracotta statue located at the Sreevalsam Guest House Complex in Guruvayoor, Kerala, India. It is a creative interpretation of lord Gurvayoorappan


The word Guruvayur maraprabhu means the ‘lord of tree’. The statue was inaugurated by K Karunakaran. The chief architect of this idol is the artist P.V. Ramachandran.

In the premises of Sree Valsam guest house complex, a huge statue of Kesavan- the now deceased majestic Elephant King has been erected. Also, one can see the statue of Mara-Prabhu; a creative interpretation of Lord Krishna as a trunk of giant banyan tree as depicted in traditional folklores.

Maraprabhu is the symbol of cure with the help of herbs. Trees and Herbs are the ultimate source of medicines and it can cure ailments and can save the life. The Maraprabhu idol is said to generate immense cosmic energy because of the medicinal herbs used in its construction.


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