Chowalloor Siva Temple


The devotees have the good fortune to worship Siva family – a rare phenomenon (Lord Siva, Sree Parvathy, Sree Ganesh, Sree Subrahmanian (Murukan), Sree Ayyappa and Sree Anjaneya) which is not seen else where in Kerala, (if not in too many Temples in Kerala). Navagraha Temple situates in the North East comer of the temple complex.

Lord Siva, the deity of Thrissur Sree Vadakunnatha Temple is said to have manifested Himself on an umberella carried by one of His beloved devotees, a pious old Namboothiri from Chowalloor Mazhavannoor Mana (lllam of Namboothiri), who used to walk all the way to Thrissur to have daily darshan of the Lord.
Thiruvathira in the month of Dhanu which is observed for 12 days (December or January) is the most colourful festival in the temple. During the above twelve days, the presence of temple Thanthri and veda scholars is one of the very special features of the festival. Under their guide lines and their individual participation, the Mangalya Pooja (a very rare pooja conducted for Umamaheswara to grant marital bliss for numerous anxious brides and happy and long married life for wedded couples) is performed at 7 o’clock in the evening at the special madapam in the North Valiyambalam which is very adjacent to the permanent Dhambathi Pooja Mandapam. Mangalya Pooja is conducted only twelve days (as said above) in a year and devotees may book this pooja well in advance to make use of this rare opportunity. Pattum Thaliyum charthal (another special offering to Sree Parvathy during the twelve days celebration) is another rare opportunity to devotees, especially to Ladies or couples. Devotees may book this offering as well in advance (to keep out of the crowd as thousands of devotees will be in the queue to book this offering during the Thiruvathira celebration days).

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